For 14 years, Sun-Kwik has been delivering excellent-quality home appliances in the East and North-East of India. Our founders, Binod Maroti, Nirav Maroti, and Abhyshek Jalan, started with a dealer-led business model that met with
resounding success. Our factory is located in Howrah. We believe in honesty and transparency as our core corporate values.

With our innovative designs and smart looks, we transform cooking for every household we touch. Our energy-saving cooking appliances help you prepare tasty dishes in less time, saving both gas and energy.

To ensure your satisfaction, we have launched authorised service centres across West Bengal, dedicated to resolving all after-sales issues related to our pressure cookers, under the name Sun-Kwik Care. We are also excited to introduce an easy on-call-demand service soon, providing you with convenient doorstep after-sales support.